Life brings us challenges...
there are skills you can learn to move through them
and cultivate


My practice integrates traditional psychotherapy
with mindfulness skills for lasting positive growth!


Betsi Mufson, LCSW


250 Post Road East Westport, CT 06880

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Betsi Iris

Betsi received her masters in psychodynamic psychotherapy from Smith College and has post graduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, CBT and DBT. She is a licensed therapist and in private practice/Westport, CT.


An advocate for Integrative health, Betsi is certified in Hatha Yoga/Meditation and studied in the communities of

Self Realization Fellowship and Deer Park Monastery.


As an experienced psychotherapist Betsi has worked in private, public and university settings treating clients with a wide range of diagnoses.

She specializes in Anxiety disorders, OCD, couples work,

and performance psychology.


Betsi integrates Mindfulness skills/Meditation in treatment for stress, emotional regulation, sleep issues and peak performance.

*View an example of her work in the video below:


The Seven Facets

of Wellness




individuals & couples

Sunset in the Nature