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The Leap


my studio
outdoors for meditation/yoga

Individual - 45 minutes $95
Family  - 60 minutes $125
A La Carte
Mindful weight Loss - I will help you move through your weight loss blocks, teach you mindful eating skills, inspire exercise routines
and share plant-based basics for vitality

Meditation for You - are you interested in starting your own meditation practice? I can walk you through the basics and support
your exploration of this life-changing experience

women exploring Balance - ongoing women's circle meets Wednesday's 10:00am for meditation and to explore mindful living, incorporating healthy meals and learning how to pause and pivot when we feel out of control

Sunset in the Nature


using the Zoom platform
or in office
for appointments:


45 minutes $185.

sliding scale when applicable

Group counseling -

60 minutes $75. 
I adjust fees for students 

Insurance coverage
You will be provided with an invoice containing
required codes for Insurance reimbursement. 

Vintage Keyboard


Coaching and Programs: 
Payment for Wellness Coaching and Programs can be made by
cash, check, google pay or Venmo.

Payment for therapy sessions and groups
can be made by credit card, check or venmo
and will be billed at time of service in my Westport office


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