A psychotherapist since 1997, I have practiced in community mental health, university and private settings in New York city, Colorado and Connecticut.  I have worked with a wide range of diagnoses including anxiety disorders, ptsd and disordered eating. Educated in Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, I am also trained in dialectical behavioral therapy and bereavement. for the past decade I have been in private practice and specialize in couples therapy, parenting issues, anxiety/depression and bereavement.

I have witnessed how Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool for transformation. You may feel life has become so difficult that you may stop sleeping well or wanting to see family and friends. Even leaving the house may cause you anxiety and it seems easier to numb emotions with alcohol, food or excessive spending.

anything to drown and bury difficult feelings.

You have created on the outside what you are feeling on the inside: 

alone, isolated, disconnected, chaotic.

As your therapist I will listen...

I provide a safe, calm space for you to feel, explore and know you are cared for. A place for you to identify your fears, develop understanding and learn how to process

anxiety, confusion and sadness.

Psychotherapy is sensitive work, it takes time and in my experience it takes training, education and a commitment by the therapist to expand her/his self knowledge. Psychotherapy is 

a collaboration I feel grateful to be a part of!