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"After several operations on my knee and having to deal with stopping my life as an athlete, I became really depressed. tensions were getting worse with my wife and kids and my doctor recommended I see a therapist. I was lucky I found my way to Betsi not just because she was compassionate and knowledgeable but she really understood how I felt. Betsi taught me new ways to cope with mindful exercises. I started swimming which was a surprise to my family. Seeing Betsi that year was my life line and I learned how to adapt in her care."

~Marcus S. New York, NY

"I saw Betsi's Bereavement group listed and I knew I needed support. I'm not the group type but when my mom died it destroyed me. I am an only child and even though in my 40's I found it hard to function. I couldn't get back to work after 20 years as an English teacher. I asked Betsi to do 1/1 counseling and thank god she did. Betsi is so calming gentle and helped me put myself back together and accept mom was gone but also still with me in profound ways. I would walk in Betsi's office and cry every week for at least the first 10/20 minutes. She was quiet and sat through it. I needed a place to cry about mom without being judged for my age. Betsi helped me heal, her kindness will be with me always."

~Mary C. Westport, CT


"I met Betsi at a time when I seemed to have lost myself. After 30 years my company was acquired and my job was on the line, it was stressful and scary! As an "older" employee, I did not think I would get through it. But she helped me learn how to deal with my issues with her wisdom, calm and insightfulness. Betsi helped me find myself again and gave me the skills to use in the future, she is a blessing."

~Rebecca W. Darien, CT

"I was drained, burnt out and sick of towing the line as a single mother and operations manager at a busy mid town hotel. Divorced for ten years my two kids were teens and keeping them in the right direction was exhausting. I was in a bad cycle sleeping and eating too much and gained 40 pounds. Betsi helped me first deal with my cynicism and hard exterior. She was so kind and gentle and I cracked. All the hurt feelings were leaking and it was really tough. But I came out the other side with her right there and my life got better. I changed departments at my job and was in a new direction."

~Margo M. New York, NY

 "I came to Betsi in crisis. I was in a transitional stage in my life, very anxious and not feeling well. I have been in therapy before, but Betsi was able to connect with me in a way that resonated. She was flexible and supportive and helped me through some heavy emotional lifting that gave me the strength and skill to understand and support myself. And move on. I can't say enough good things about her."

~Jocelyn R. Westport, CT

"My company -strongly suggested- I see a therapist after an outburst I had. I was close to becoming a partner but resentful of my male colleagues bad habits and boys club ethics. My anger was getting the best of me and I knew it. I was skeptical at first, but Betsi was highly recommended and I grew to love seeing her. She taught me how to slow down, breathe and use the coping skills we established together in session. I got through most things and changed in positive ways. I was sad to graduate from our time together, I'll miss her!

~Jennifer M. New Canaan, CT

"Loosing my wife of 28 years to a sudden heart attack with 2 boys to raise was a devastation. I was a wreck but had no choice but to move forward. Betsi was the perfect counselor for me and understood that I needed to keep my law practice going while grieving. She helped me with parenting skills and how to ask for support. It has been really hard but Betsi showed me a way to pull through. I recommend her highly."

~Andrew M. Darien, CT

"Betsi changed my life in so many ways. She is the best listener and really inspiring too with her health and wellness ideas. I was young and divorced and felt unmarketable and my mom-clock was ticking. I was worried about my future. Betsi was patient with me and listened to my constant complaints. But there was a point where I stopped and started to feel Betsi's positive energy. Betsi even helped me with my dating profiles which made me aware of who I did/did not want to get involved with. My life is so much healthier these days and she really helped me grow as a person. She is a great therapist!"

~Catherine R. Norwalk, CT

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