Wellness Consults


For years I kept my personal pursuits in the field of wellness separate from my practice as a psychotherapist. However, it has become increasingly clear in studies which measure health that

there is a strong relationship between mental health and feeling well!


As a daily practitioner of meditation since my 20's, I often rely on mindfulness skills to stay present with clients. my training in hatha yoga/meditation can be as useful as my degrees/credentials in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Furthermore, through yoga I have developed the capacity to analyze breathing patterns and teach Pranayama techniques (controlled breathing) when appropriate which has produced rapid results in moving through anxiety and fear.

Mostly vegan and macrobiotic for 30 years, I have learned how to "tune in" to my body and what it needs each day to feel nourished and inspired. I have also figured out how to make dinner most nights with a family of 6 using plant based foods. raised my kids in the kitchen and we still regularly prepare dinner together after busy days apart. I have supported many families in exploring healthy meal options and 

creating new family bonds in the kitchen!

I incorporate my wellness guide: The Seven Facets to generate goals for personal action plans.


The Seven Facets

of Wellness

One: Internal Cultivation- spiritual practice, prayer, yoga/meditation, meaningful reading. nature

Two: Authentic relationships- we need a handful of people whom we trust and can be unfiltered with

Three: Exercise- our bodies need to move for optimal health, whether structured activity or walking, working outside, etc. 

Four: Whole Foods-artificial additives and preservatives are not food, a plant based diet with some fish/organic proteins has been proven to be most beneficial

Five: Peaceful Home- to rejuvenate from a busy world our space should be calming, pleasant and void of Clutter, chemicals  

Six: Creativity- if you have a job that you are passionate about: perfect! Otherwise, we need to "tap into" your creativity: baking, painting, writing, decorating, gardening...

Seven: Preventative Health- homeopathy, healing foods and other therapies such as: massage, chiropractic...

What do you need to feel balanced?