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How to Make Your Home A Paradise

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

published by MindBodyGreen

Many of us count the days until our next vacation. Some of will fly hours on a plane and unpack before we experience peace! But what exactly shifts on our getaways?

Our lives can get so hectic that we have to tear ourselves away to feel relaxed and renewed.

And what about vacations increases our calm and satisfaction? Feeling balanced is a process that requires two parts to be complete. There's the "outer” work, which is active (i.e. cleaning your home) and the “inner” work, which exposes your core. As you explore the next five steps, move forward gently and take time for both parts.

1. Get rid of everything you haven't used in years.

When we're in paradise, we feel free and unencumbered. To create this feeling at home, we need to get rid of everything we no longer use. This can be hard for some of us, so try starting one room (or area) at a time. Turn on music, breathe, cry, do whatever it takes to let stuff go! You know your limits, but a good rule to consider is to keep only items you've used in the past few years. Another tip is to allow yourself to store just a few trunks of memorabilia, and no more.

2. Only keep things that make you happy.

Now take an even deeper look at what’s left in your home and who you truly are. Do certain photos, clothing or collectibles trigger unpleasant memories? Everything in your home should reflect who you are NOW or at least be a positive attachment. When we're in paradise, we leave our “stories” behind and enjoy being present … A journal entry reviewing what you truly value and how you felt releasing negative mirrors is an excellent way to reclaim more of yourself.

3. Don't think of it as cleaning. Think of it as transforming.

We rarely clean on vacation! Instead, we enjoy the care and attention someone else has taken for our stay. A clean dwelling is essential, in your home if you have resistance to cleaning try a shift in every window, put on bright colored rubber gloves and give your home a good scrub! I use sea salt mixed with liquid lavender soap for the tubs. Perfection is not the goal here, transformation is. As the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh once said, “leave no drawers untouched, shed light everywhere.”

4. Establish rituals in your home that bring you peace.

You've worked hard, now it's time for R&R … establish a place in your home to feel peace: to meditate, breathe, stretch, or read spiritual wisdom. What brings you daily peace? Setting aside a bit of time each day to tune in can leave you feeling as blissful as you do on vacation.

5. Tune in to what excites you.

What excites you when you're on vacation? Is it the art, music, vivid colors or exotic foods? What can you do to inspire yourself in this way at home? I like to create an oasis in my bathroom, complete with shells, sea potions, live plants and essential oils.

My favorite teacher for transforming a home was my grandfather. In his office or at the hospital he was an accomplished physician...but at home he was a "Master" Chinese chef! Grandpa’s kitchen was stocked with woks, chopsticks, cleavers and Chinese cookbooks. When his busy work week ended he created intricate Asian feasts for our Sunday visits. He loved to prepare them and we were happy too!

Do you have a secret creative passion? Pay attention to your inner and outer needs and spend time regularly rebalancing yourself at home. Exploring yourself in this way can be as relaxing and rejuvenating as a vacation!

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