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A 5 Minute Meditation to Feel More Passion

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

published by MindBodyGreen

We all love feeling passionate and alive, but what ignites passion is different for all of us. I enjoy bringing my passion to mundane tasks (preparing meals, cleaning) but instantly feel passionate when I’m swimming in the sea or tending a fire. The recipes for passion are endless and unique but one ingredient is essential: being “in the moment.”

When we are attracted to another person or feeling passionate the great “chemistry” we experience is actually taking place inside. Our inner world determines our feelings and responses...and especially our passion!

To increase your passion explore yourself and the world more deeply~

This is where the ancient practice of meditation can help. While deep meditation practice can bring you to a state of complete peace, a simple meditation can help you increase your ability to “be present" or "in the moment." When you're in the moment and not thinking about the past or future you have more access to your inner world: love/passion/peace...

Although passion is innate and natural our thoughts may tell us otherwise! Loosening our grip on limiting thoughts leaves space for exploration. In this "space" we can take a deep breath and focus on an enticing quality in ourselves or our partner. We can look carefully at the colors in our partner's eyes, touch their hand more gently or even give ourselves more time to explore pleasant feelings...passion is possible when we are present and open.

Here’s a little meditative exercise to help you get in touch with Your passion:

Find a piece of fruit (or a shell, flower). Pick up the piece of fruit and take a look at it for a moment, now place it somewhere out of your view.

Try this simple 5 minute meditation:

1. Sit comfortably in a chair - however you wish, there is no right way

2. Gently close your eyes

3. Breathe deeply - inhale through nose/exhale through mouth

4. Try not to focus on your thoughts - observe them without attachment and continue to breathe

5. Now become aware of your heart - as you inhale: feel your heart fill with love, peace, calm

and as you exhale: breathe out any dense, unpleasant feelings

Repeat steps 3-5 until the five minutes have ended.

You may feel more spacious after this practice...

Now go retrieve your piece of fruit. With a deeper awareness, pick up the fruit again. Take a closer look at your piece of fruit, breathe deeply and try finding something beautiful or unique about it. Perhaps you can imagine it hanging from a branch in the soft light of the autumn moon. What will it taste like?

I could go on sharing the delight I feel while looking at (or tasting) a juicy red apple, but this meditation practice was for you! Did a little inner cultivation give you a sense of how much more you can experience anything, even looking at a piece of fruit? Maybe you can try the meditation again if it didn't. It can help practicing meditation in a quiet place where you feel completely at ease. And the "practice" (or repetition) of slowing down for 5 minutes to breathe deeply throughout the day, could be the start of bringing more depth to all your experiences.

As a professional and mother of four, I understand we have limited time to explore our depths, but isn’t feeling more Passion worth it? Bringing our ability to “be present” for more of daily life can transform many mundane experiences. And imagine what a deeper presence can bring to our relationships!

Discover your inner passion and transform your experience~

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