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20 Tips to be Your Most Authentic Self

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Published MindBodyGreen

Moving forward with wisdom and joy requires regular “stops” to reconnect with our true selves...the essence of who we are. Although we may be evolving in certain ways, the fear of going nowhere can keep us from giving ourselves even a moment to"tune in" and recharge.

Ignoring our authentic selves leaves us depleted and disengaged, which is why taking a few minutes to touch our true essence can be restorative and energizing. Time out to reconnect is also vital to model for children who learn how to navigate their lives by watching the adults around them. Whether you're a teacher, parent, relative or neighbor, inviting a child to join or witness your acts of re-connecting can have positive effects.

From surfing the waves to preparing an old family recipe, the ways to reconnect are unlimited. Perhaps you can sit for a moment and make a list of what brings you back to your authentic self, or try some of the following tips:

1. Brew a cup of tea.

Not just any tea; experiment until you find a favorite. I like to heat up organic almond milk until it's frothy, then add fresh ginger, cardamom seeds, monk fruit sweetener, a dash of cinnamon & a sprinkle of cacao … my authentic self loves this ritual!

2. Paint a piece of old furniture.

Take care to pick colors you love and bring new life to an old favorite.

3. Touch nature.

Get your hands, feet or body into the earth, water or sand- the tactile stimulation is incredibly healing.

4. Find a loved one (person or pet) and give a long hug.

The healing power of hugs is undeniable!

5. Practice a 5 minute meditation - check my website for options :)

6. Take a long tub or shower.

Ritual bathing is a part of many cultures and has historically been a way to wash away emotional and spiritual debris.

7. Work on a beautiful flower arrangement.

Gather some fresh flowers or evergreen branches and spend time arranging them in a vase to place by your bedside.

8. Stretch your body and breathe deeply.

You can practice yoga or just “free form” gentle stretches … let your authentic self guide the body.

9. Light a fire.

Gathering wood and lighting an inside fire in winter or an outside campfire in warmer seasons is an instant reconnect for me.

10. Visit an elderly neighbor.

Helping our elders with a task in the house gives us an opportunity to be kind and authentic.

11. Say sorry to someone you may have upset.

We all have misunderstandings... whether you were right or wrong if it's someone you are close to- you can just say sorry. Humility brings out the authentic self!

12. Bake bread.

My kids love this. When we're disconnected as a family, I make a big batch of dough, and everyone grabs a handful, kneads, creates shapes and reconnects with each other. Bonus: Yum!

13. Cry if you need to.

Whenever you feel really sad give yourself permission to cry - if you get it all out, your true self will be there to give you a tissue!

14. Brush the hair of a loved one.

I have three girls with long hair and they love when I take a moment from my busy schedule to gently brush their hair; immediately we are connected.

15. Scrub the house.

Maybe this isn't the case for everyone, but when I clean the tub with lavender and sea salt I transform my negativity and usually end up hopping in the tub for a peaceful bath.

16. Hike, bike, run, walk or sit outside in the fresh air.

Mother nature is a powerful healer.

17. Swing at the park.

My 16-year-old had to join us at the park recently. At first she was very upset, but later we saw her in the distance swinging, which she continued voluntarily for two hours!

18. Light candles or burn incense.

This is especially helpful after a long day away from home to purify and reconnect to spirit.

19. Find and write down inspiring quotes.

I do this often and always seem to come across true gems which speak directly to my authentic self.

20. Visit the library.

Roam the aisles and see what speaks to you … your authentic self will show you where to go.

Taking a moment to re-connect to our authentic selves can change almost anything!

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