my story


raised by the beach in Florida, as a child I could spend days making sand castles. I enjoyed creating anything from recipes in the kitchen to elaborate sets for school theatre. Throughout high school I worked at a specialty shop painting ceramic and glass gift items and spent summers interning at several graphic design firms. A profession in the Arts was thrilling to me and I went to college in Boston at The Museum School/Tufts university and eventually landed as a junior designer at a large museum in New York.


Years later I lost several loved ones including my only grandmother, my grandfather and then.. my Dad. Suddenly I could no longer create anything. I was numb, disoriented and really sad. I decided to join my friend on a retreat at Kripalu Center in Lenox.

Those 2 weeks of Daily yoga, plant based food, meditation and many, many tears awakened a part of me I never knew. Coming to terms with the loss of loved ones was difficult-but healing and I grew a desire to help others to do the same.

In order to expand my knowledge of human behavior, I pursued a graduate degree in psychotherapy at Smith College. I also joined a meditation group at that time which helped me with the stress of grad school. Meditation gave me access to inner calm. Enamored by the effects of this ancient practice, I completed my thesis on "the impact of meditation on therapists clinical skills." I attended many retreats and studied meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh, anandi Ma, and at Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, CA. 

When I completed my masters I moved to Boulder, Colorado to work as a psychotherapist. My love of yoga and meditation continued and I became certified in Hatha yoga by the Shambhava School/Eldorado Springs and for a decade I worked as a therapist in local clinics, at the University of Colorado/Boulder, and practiced yoga/meditation daily at home.

The most rewarding chapter of my life began at age 30 when I became a mom. Loving my children so deeply and unconditionally taught me hard lessons about vulnerability. I also took my job pretty seriously (way too seriously!) and buried myself in books and classes on nutrition and family well being. I developed an interest in holistic health and "practiced" plant based cooking. Dinner time was a regular experiment and I'm glad my family humored me through it!


Now 20 years later it's amazing to watch my kids cook on their own (and for each other)!

Change is the part of life that I have come to expect but I find that meditation practice brings me to the "center" which re-centers me!