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 my story


raised by the beach in Florida, as a child I could spend hours making sand castles. I loved the creative process! Throughout high school I worked as an artist painting ceramic and glass gift items at a local shop and spent summers interning at graphic design firms. I left home for college in Boston at The Museum School/Tufts university and eventually landed as a junior designer at a museum in New York.


Years later, I lost several loved ones including my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and a person dearest to me, my Dad. Suddenly my artistic joy was lost..I could no longer create anything. I was numb, disoriented and really sad.


After a helpful period working with a grief counselor, I decided to go

visit a friend on retreat at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA.

What a surprise! Those 2 weeks of Daily yoga, plant based food and meditation awakened a part of me I never knew. A deeper awareness developed and along with my grief work, I began to feel hopeful. I could see the value of this inner work and now wanted to learn more.

I pursued a graduate degree in psychotherapy at Smith College and also joined a meditation group. During that time I conducted an empirical study on "the impact of meditation on therapists clinical skills." I also attended retreats and studied meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh, anandi Ma, and at Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship. 

After completing my masters I worked as a psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado. My love of yoga and meditation continued and I became certified in Hatha yoga by the Shambhava School/Eldorado Springs. for the next decade I worked as a therapist in local clinics, at the University of Colorado/Boulder, and practiced yoga/meditation daily at home. 

The next and most rewarding chapter of my life began when I became a mom. I was swept away by true, unconditional love. A girl, a boy and a set of girl twins in the middle! Each child with their own unique story and I was responsible for their health and wellness! I knew I had lots to learn and buried myself in books and courses in nutrition. I encouraged my children to cook meals with me, for us to learn and grow together.

Mealtimes became our reconnect after busy school days when they were kids,

A place to process feelings, share dreams, explore new ideas.. 


The kitchen remains today as our family center, the best part for me is watching the kids (now young adults) cooking meals for each other!